Why God Commands Us to Rest

The Ten Commandments: #4 As we continue looking at the Ten Commandments this week, our hope is that we will find these commandments as a guide and a compass for us during these uncertain and difficult times. The fourth commandment given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai reads as follows: “Remember the Sabbath day, […]

Is Communion the missing piece of your life’s puzzle?

The apostolic breaking of bread is far more significant than most are willing to believe.   According to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church there was relatively little controversy regarding the presence of the body and blood of Christ until almost the 9th century and then it was dismissed almost immediately as being contrary […]

What the New Testament says about Communion

Holy Communion is one of seven sacraments of the Orthodox Church. The others being Baptism, Chrismation, Confession, Holy Unction, Marriage and Sacramental Priesthood. Why should we study  the subject of Holy Communion? There are many reasons to study this subject.  It will help us to answer questions such as “What must I do to receive […]