Concept Art

Dear friends,

Last week I posted these three cover concepts for my upcoming book on Facebook and Google+.  I’m posting them here for you.  Please feel free to comment with your favorite of the bunch (feel free to tell me why).  We will choose one soon as the book will be ready in early July through Conciliar Press.  Have a great day!

Ask #1Ask #2Ask #3


20 thoughts on “Concept Art

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  2. I like the first and second covers,(the architecture may be swaying me) I love the image in the first one and the simple full bleed of the picture. The second is very crisp and clean. If I had to pick….the first
    one. Congrats!

  3. I like the last one because the path is straight and narrow, if only there were a church at the end of it like the other two covers!

  4. Hi, Fr. James,

    I like #2 best because it is the simplest and it still invites the readers in via the path up to the Church. I think that it represents the title very well. We saw Trevor this week and he was glad to hear that you have a book coming out. 🙂

  5. I like #3. The other two remind me Guides for Christian Pilgrimage kind of stuff (being from Greece we have lots like this). The #3 I think is more strong because it shows a path created from many people that are seen above waiting for our response.
    Here’s another opinion to make your job not that easier.
    Good luck with this.

  6. I like the first one, path with more of a climb, demanding more effort, also reminds me of the hilly paths of Mt Athos. The second picture is also good, a close choice for second.

  7. In order of preference 1,2,3 (or is it A,B,C?)
    However points must definitely go to the 3rd book -the only one to spell your name correctly! (I’m available to proofread for a reasonable fee)

    • Noreen, Thanks so much for your help! I was told that the graphic designer is notoriously bad with spelling but will have it all corrected in time for printing. I would love to hire you to proofread but the publisher has already informed me that they hired someone a few weeks ago. Next time around perhaps! 😉

  8. The covers make me think of the song “the road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows where”. Good luck with the book- first step on the road to success!

  9. Is it too late to comment on the cover design? I like the first one best. I like the blue color of the sky. Very appealing. I’d love to see a review copy of the book when it’s ready. Will you be coming to DC at all?

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