Sex and the city and a girl named Mary

On this final Sunday of Great and Holy Lent we remember and celebrate the life of the great St. Mary of Egypt. One of the lovely things that we take from her story is that no matter how far you’ve fallen, God is ready to redeem you. Even now, at the last hour of Great […]

Why was Jesus baptized?

The reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew 3:13-17 Today is January 6, the great feast of Epiphany/Theophany. John the baptist lived in the wilderness for a good portion of his life. We are told that he ate locusts and honey to survive. He preached and warned people that the messiah, the chosen […]

Is Communion the missing piece of your life’s puzzle?

The apostolic breaking of bread is far more significant than most are willing to believe.   According to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church there was relatively little controversy regarding the presence of the body and blood of Christ until almost the 9th century and then it was dismissed almost immediately as being contrary […]