50 Shades of Faithful

       The seventh commandment given by God to Moses the prophet is “You shall not commit adultery.” It is very straightforward and precise. It is not an invitation or an opinion, it is a direct order from the Lord above. Those who ignore these commandments quickly find themselves living outside of the grace […]

Would you kill for the perfect life?

The Ten Commandments: #6 We are now halfway through the ten commandments given to Moses by the Lord on Mt. Sinai. The sixth commandment is “Thou shalt not murder.” The first thing that we should note is that according to our legal system and according to the Scriptures there is a difference between just killing […]

A promise from God

The Ten Commandments: #5 We find ourselves once again looking at the Ten Commandments given to Moses by the almighty God. As we have just completed an election where inevitably one side is crushed and the other is soaring with happiness we are reminded that there is no such thing as a governmental or political […]

Why a miracle might not change your life

We are often taught by the Lord Jesus Christ through His parables or stories.   Through these stories He conveys truth and reality to us.  Because the Lord Himself is truth, His stories become more than simple fairy tales, they become truth for us. We are told by the Lord that after a poor man named […]