The First Book Review

 Many thanks to Mark Bradshaw for his review of “Ask for the Ancient Paths.”  You can read the review here:  In the near future I’ll be posting his podcast interview.  I hope you have a chance to visit his page and see what else he has cooking. Have a blessed day.  +FJ

Outside the Box, Inside the Kingdom

The Reading today is from The Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 14:14-22 The story of Our Lord Jesus Christ feeding the great multitudes is one that we have heard often and it’s possible that it no longer surprises us. Maybe it no longer has anything to say to us…….When we find ourselves feeling this way, […]

When blind faith is better than none

Just last month we had a sermon entitled “as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” These were the words of the Lord Jesus to the Roman Centurion who had showed great faith in Jesus and all that He could do. In today’s passage from St. Matthew we become witnesses to two […]

55 Maxims to Christian Living

Dear Friends, I’ve been away from the office for a couple of Sundays but I wanted to make sure to post something that would be edifying and worthwhile today.  May it be a blessing to you. 55 Maxims to Christian living by Fr. Thomas Hopko (you can find more from Fr. Thomas here: ) 1. Be […]